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E&V Technology in numbers


21 nationalities

A truly international and multicultural work environment, plus many global partners


5 continents

Build the tools for a global real estate network


120+ colleagues

We build everything in-house & rely on our team, not external providers


The core of every role

At E&V Technology, we use a state-of-the-art tech stack.

Combining our data-driven and agile approach, you will work with a cross-functional team, but you will also be encouraged and supported to work autonomously in order to develop innovative ways to enhance efficiency and ensure scalability.

Core principals

Passionately committed

  • Set ambitious challenges
    Set ambitious challenges

    Quality, passion, agility, and creativity – this what we are committed to. We remain open to new ideas with an ever-present clear purpose.

    We constantly set milestones to measure, and to progress check our achievements.

  • Connect, collaborate
    Connect, collaborate

    We are here for each other, that’s first and foremost. We work as one united team, therefore clear communication is critical.

    We’re not afraid to challenge each other or to ask for help – we also like to have fun along the way!

  • Take 

    We’re proactive with all we do and take responsibility for achieving our goals.

    Each team has clear and transparent outlines of progress and objectives, with a proactive (rather than reactive)
    approach to everything we do.

  • Be always focused
    Be always focused

    Our teams are set up for success, and it’s all done with simplicity in mind.

    Tickets are kept concise, the goals are well-defined and clear, the processes are established, and our resources are handled respectfully.

    Check our recruitment video to know more

From our team

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