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We’re looking for

Thinker, Doers & Dreamers

We’re not just looking for raw skills, we’re looking for collaborative, creative, communicative, and passionate team players who are willing to take risks, ask for help & take ownership in an international and open-minded setting.

  • Review

    1. Review

    You will talk to a member of our Talent Team for a first pulse check.
    We will answer all of your initial questions and give you more insights into our daily business.

  • Interview

    2. Get-to-know Interview

    Have a conversation with your responsible Hiring Manager for an in-depth role-focused interview.
    We want to get to know your expectations and give you more detailed insights in your possible role.

  • Trial Day

    3. Show your skills and get to know the team!

    Show us what you’ve got by mastering a technical or design-focused task.
    This way, we can get to know your approach in finding solutions and coming up with creative ideas.

  • Offer

    4. Thanks for the smooth process!

    It would be a pleasure for us to have you on board.

A first meeting
at eye level

Talk to the Recruiter
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No preparation needed

An informal chat

Relax, you don’t have to prepare anything, aside from any questions you may want to ask. An interview is a two-way thing, so it’s important that you also feel comfortable, and that’s exactly what we want.
You’ll discover whether E&V Technology is the right fit for you. It’s not about filling a position with someone who has the technical skills, we’re interested in the individual and what makes you tick. It’s paramount that you feel welcome and comfortable, because it’s your future, too.

You’ve got question?
we have answer

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Frequently asked questions

Your go-to person during your application process and even before, is our Tech Recruiter Jennifer – Jenny – who helps you with all your questions, needs and whatever is on your heart!

To get a first impression of your latest positions and competencies, a CV helps a lot. We don’t need a fancy cover letter or references, in most cases.

In our first exchange, we would be happy to get to know you better, what’s important for you to have in the next position and what the position has to look like to be a good fit.

We are happy to receive your application via our application tool. Its really helpful for us if you also fill in your ideal start date, location and salary expectation as we want to match you expectations as best as possible.

We would love to help you with your questions. Feel free to reach out to us via jobs.evtechnology@engelvoelkers.com

We have decided to create an interview process with 4 steps. This will include a first screening Call with your Recruiter, a Get to know with the Hiring Manager for the position and a trial day with your future colleagues. This step will also include a get to know with either our CTO for positions in the engineering field or our CDO for our other business fields.

Real Tech for Real Estate! Lets explore the real estate world together as we are looking for great talents and not the perfect CV.

You will find all vacancies @here!

All questions welcome

Jennifer Dittrich

Recruiting at Engel & Völkers Technology
Phone: +49 1733758620
E-mail: jennifer.dittrich@engelvoelkers.com